GameDay Scout App

$ 175.00

The ability to make adjustments on the fly during a football game is often times the difference between winning and losing.  Coaches who are able to quickly and clearly understand what their opponents are doing win more games.  Our GameDay Scout App for iOS and Android devices allows football teams to capture detailed, live game data and instantly use that information to understand tendencies as they are unfolding during the course of a game.  Information that they can use to make timely and intelligent in-game adjustments - and win more games.  Each GameDay Scout App is customized to accommodate your team's unique terminology and charting preferences.

  • Apps are fully customized to your terminology and data requirements
  • Data is captured through your own unique customized keypad with the press of a button - no writing, no typing
  • Capture difference making information you care about - formations, personnel groupings, play calls, blitzes, coverages, fronts, etc.
  • No internet or wireless connection required
  • Export your data to Excel after the game and use it to upload to your film system
  • Install your custom app on as many devices as desired
  • View a brief overview video here
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